Learning in Berlin, Germany | Charlottenburg Palace | Flor Lepervanche | #Europe2016

Charlottenburg Palace is one of the landmarks of Berlin.

[ESP] Palacio de Charlottenburg es uno de los lugares emblemáticos de Berlín.

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Gardens of Charlottenburg Palace. The garden was designed in 1697 in baroque style by Simeon Godeau who had been influenced by André Le Nôtre, designer of the gardens at Versailles. Godeau’s design consisted of geometric patterns, with avenues and moats, which separated the garden from its natural surroundings.

[ESP] Jardines del Palacio de Charlottenburg. Los jardines fueron diseñados en 1697 en estilo barroco por Simeón Godeau, influenciado por André Le Nôtre, diseñador de los jardines de Versalles. El diseño de Godeau consistió en patrones geométricos, con avenidas y fosos, que separaba el jardín de su entorno natural.

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Charlottenburg Palace is the largest and most beautiful royal palace still standing in the capital, Charlottenburg was erected as the summer residence of Sophie Charlotte, the first queen of Prussia, who was also the namesake for the palace and the surrounding district. Subsequent generations of the royal family expanded and remodeled the palace according to the taste of their time. As a result, the palace contains interior decoration reflecting several architectural styles: the old palace, with its magnificent baroque state rooms and the famous porcelain cabinet, and the new wing built by Frederick the Great in 1742.

[ESP] El Palacio Real más grande y más hermoso aún en pie en la capital, Charlottenburg fue erigido como residencia de verano de Sophie Charlotte, la primera reina de Prusia, que era también el namesake para el Palacio y el distrito circundante. Posteriores generaciones de la familia real se ampliaron y remodelación el Palacio según el gusto de su tiempo. Como resultado, el Palacio contiene decoración que refleja varios estilos arquitectónicos: el palacio viejo, con sus habitaciones magnífico estado barroco y la famosa porcelana de gabinete y la nueva ala construcción por Frederick el grande en 1742.

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The Belvedere with its world-renowned collection of KPM porcelain.
El Belvedere con su famosa colección de porcelana KPM y el nuevo pabellón.

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The famous palace gardens contain the mausoleum of Queen Louise, the Belvedere with its world-renowned collection of KPM porcelain and the new pavilion.

Los jardines del famoso palacio contienen el Mausoleo de la reina Louise, el Belvedere con su famosa colección de porcelana KPM y el nuevo pabellón.

The Mausoleum was built as a tomb for Queen Luise between 1810 and 1812 in neoclassical style to a design by Heinrich Gentz. After the death of Friedrich Wilhelm III, it was extended; this design being by Karl Friedrich Schinkel. It was extended again in 1890–91 by Albert Geyer to accommodate the graves of Wilhelm I and his wife Augusta.

El mausoleo fue construido como una tumba para la reina Luise entre 1810 y 1812 en estilo neoclásico a un diseño por Heinrich Gentz. Después de la muerte de Friedrich Wilhelm III, fue ampliado; Este diseño por Karl Friedrich Schinkel. Fue ampliado otra vez en 1890-91 por Albert Geyer para albergar las tumbas de Guillermo I y su esposa Augusta. 

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Our Universe is our Classroom | Dr. Mike Reynolds | TEDxFSCJ

In this inspiring and charming talk, Dr. Mike Reynolds brings us into his world, full of stars, planets, and asteroids, and big enough, exciting enough, and beautiful enough for a lifetime of wonder and lessons. Dr. Mike Reynolds has been gazing at the stars since he was seven years old, even creating his own backyard observatory. Reynolds is perhaps best known for his astronomy and science education efforts, from the classroom to informal education to astronomy and space exploration outreach. Reynolds has 37 years in astronomy and space sciences in the gamut of a high school and university instructor, planetarium and museum director, researcher, writer, and lecturer. He was director of the Chabot Science Center in California from 1991 to 2002, and currently Director Emeritus.

Dr. Reynolds has written several astronomy books and writes and serves as a corresponding editor for Astronomy (magazine). In addition to leading expeditions worldwide, Dr. Reynolds is also an invited speaker, engaging audiences in things astronomical, as well as doing book signings as often requested at many of his talks. More recently, Dr. Reynolds has served as the Dean of Natural Science and Mathematics and Professor of Astronomy at Florida State College at Jacksonville. Dr. Reynolds’ astronomical research has been primarily focused on Solar System objects, as well as meteoritics. He has led expeditions around the world for numerous total solar eclipses, meteorite crater research, and meteorite recoveries. He worked with Meade Instruments in 2005 to develop and create Meade’s MeteoriteKit, a special set of meteorites, tektites, and impactites.

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TED Ed Lesson created by  Dr. Jose G. Lepervanche using video from TEDx Talks YouTube channel.

Discussion: If the universe is our classroom, what lessons from outer space can be used to improve our own planet?

TED Ed Lesson link: https://ed.ted.com/on/gsCaeoXW

Welcome to the Biggest Waves in the World | Nazaré, Portugal | @vamospedaleando

Exploring the Biggest Waves in the World. ==>

#Repost @vamospedaleando

🇪🇸 Después de pasar una noche tan buena en el pinar 🌲, tenía que darle otra oportunidad a Nazaré y quería visitar el mirador de olas 🌊. Aunque no fuera temporada de olas grandes. Así que regresé. Una maravilla. Sin duda tengo que volver a ver como surfean esos monstruos. … 🇺🇸 After spending such a good night in the pine forest 🌲, I had to give Nazaré another chance. I also had to go the big waves lookout, even though it was not the big wave season 🌊. So I went back and it was wonderful. I definitely have to go back and watch those monsters being surfed. …

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Rappelling from Top of a Hotel to support Scouting | Over the Edge for North Florida Scouts

23472752_1511967648856857_2617730007407187233_n#SunBehind @actionnewsjax reporter and helicopter. Only in #NorthFloridaScouting#onlyinduval #igerjax #overtheedge#overtheedge2017 #undertheedge#undertheedge2017[/caption]

#Reflections#SundBehind & @actionnewsjax helicopter. Garrett Bendenbaugh is going Over the Edge for #NorthFloridaCouncil at the Omni Hotel in Jacksonville
Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office. It is great to see the Sheriff of your city going Over the Edge for North Florida Boy Scouts. ==> Sheriff Mike Williams just went “Over The Edge” 12 stories at the Omni Hotel to help raise money for Boy Scouts of America North Florida Council! Go Sheriff!

Action News Jax WATCH LIVE: Garrett Bendenbaugh is going Over the Edge for charity at the Omni Hotel in Jacksonville.