Outdoors Instagramers we follow to repost their photos | @globallearningnews

Outdoors Instagramers are learning new life lessons as they travel and share their views and thoughts. It is outdoors learning by using mobile photography, and instant sharing in social media. These are some of their public photos who are caught our attention. Follow their photo journals. We will share some of them that align with our learning topics. Message to @globallearningnews if you know an Instagramer that we should follow.

Outdoors Instagramers we follow to repost their photo journals
@albertopomares_photography– Commercial photography. Time-lapses. Venezuela
@barrogante – TEDxUPValencia Organizer. Spain
@iamjeanne_b – An MD by profession. Traveling and learning is her passion.
@corinasotillo – Traveler. Venezuela. United Arab Emirates.
@dominiquedieffenbach – College professor. Traveler. USA
@drlepervanche – Professor. TEDxFSCJ Organizer. Scouter. SCA Survivor. USA
@isaidgo – Traveling the world to re-learn. Jumping around the world.
@johnsilvaphototraveler – Photojournalist. Scouter. Travel in a Vespa. Ecuador.
@lawrenceim – TEDx curator. Spreading ideas to millions Chinese via @TEDtoChina
@myjulieee – In a world where you can be anything, be kind.
@n0ramaria – Traveler and Photographer. Amsterdam.
@richard_toygt86 – Semester at Sea.
@pablo.cigoy – Traveler, Chef, Photographer.
@patioscout – Social media. Society, environment, & peace news. Scouting. Chile.
@vamospedaleando –  Biking. Permaculture and sustainable life.

More Instagramers coming soon…

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