Camino de Santiago. A Bicycle Ride to Santiago de Compostela | @VamosPedaleando

@VamosPedaleando is the Instagram name of an adventurer who “goes pedaling” in a very well equipped mountain bike. He did a long ride in the US before.

“[ESP] ☝🏽 Un mes estuve pedaleando por el Camino del Norte 🚴🏽 Un mes increíble con peregrinos y bicigrinos que comparten una misma meta, llegar hasta aquí, a Santiago de Compostela 👏🏽😃

[ENG] ☝🏽I spent one month riding “El Camino del Norte” 🚴🏽 One month with pilgrims and riders that share the same goal, to get here, to Santiago de Compostela 👏🏽

A few months ago he left Barcelona to explore the Northern coast of Spain, riding the Camino de Santiago until Santiago de Compostela.


This is a short gallery of his photos during this journey to Santiago de Compostela.


Follow his map to Portugal. His biking and camping adventures continued to Portugal.

Follow @VamosPedaleando,‘Like’ his Facebook page and read his chronicles, reflections, and lessons.


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