The Ballerina at Budva | David Hopcroft

P1030440 - david hopcroft

I first started recording many images from travels when digital cameras allowed mass storage. At that time I would also produce notes from each trip. More recently I have been adding to my records with sketches and simple painting. Montenegro is a treasure trove for any artist. Budva has an interesting sculpture, much photographed, often referred to as the ballerina. The statue, by the sculptor Gradimir Alesis, is probably inspired by a legend of girls from Budva looking out for sailors they loved. In one case the groom died and the bride continued to go and look out to sea each day, hoping he would return.

P1030503 - david hopcroft

I have tried to capture the scene in one painting by simplifying the background, since the weakness of a photograph is that the scene is often cluttered by interference from a background. In a third painting I remove everything except the shapes that I think really make the scene.

P1030504 - david hopcroft

Budva has a small but beautiful old town with quaint alleys and small squares, compact and one of the best along this coast. Sadly the other parts of the bay are being developed with high rise hotels and apartments, losing the charm that originally attracted people here.

David Hopcroft

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