Tour to Shogran, Siri, Paye, Naran, & Babusar, Pakistan (Day 1) | Venturers’ Club


We must go beyond our textbooks, go out into the bypaths and cathartic depths of the wilderness and travel and explore the wilderness in the environment.

A three day hike was arranged by Venturers’ Club to explore the beauty of shogran, siri, paye, Babusar, naran and different lakes of this region.
Venturers enjoyed #Camping, #BBQ, #Hiking, #RiverRafting and #Boating. This tour ended with marvelous memories and experiences.

_Stayed at shogran
_Hike to Siri and Paaye.
_Camping at night in Shogran

_Stayed at Naraan
_ Explore River Kunhar
_ Explore Lulusar lake, Jhalkhad lake , Kewai waterfall
_ Traveled to Gilgit Baltistan and reaches Babusar top
_ River Rafting
_ Visited Saif-ul-malook lake
_ Boating in sail-ul-malook lake
_ Azad kashmir
_ Muzaffarabad
Courtesy: D2D
#VenturersClub #ShogranDiaries #Hiking #Camping #BBQ #RiverRafting #BaBuSar #Lulusar #Jalkhad #Besal #Gattidas #Siri #Paye#VenturersFirstHike

Visit Da1 photo album here:

#Day 1 (Tour_to_Shogran_Siri_paye_Naran_Babusar)We must go beyond our textbooks,go out into the bypaths and cathartic…

Posted by Venturers' Club on Wednesday, September 20, 2017

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