Yellow Lady Slipper Orchid | Stephanie Sipp



“I am enjoying illustrating wildflowers using my Copic Markers to add color. This is a wild orchid called the Yellow Lady Slipper.  They are found in rich, moist woodlands.  They are usually seen in the spring time. Below is a photograph that I took of these flowers while hiking in the woods.” – Stephanie Sipp



Stephanie Sipp. 25 years of learning, creating, teaching art and design. She is a Nature Illustrator. “The unique beauty of birds and flowers inspires me to create their portraits; each depicting their own expression and characteristics. Whether it is the unusual shape of a leaf or the special tilt of a cardinal’s head, I want to capture this trait on paper. As an artist, I aspire to channel my joy in the world and in my life experience into a visual language that I then record.”

Visit her website: Follow Twitter @sippdrawing and Instagram @sippdrawing

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