Stick Transferred in #Omsk, #Russia | #BikeJamboree | #ScoutsPoland

Stick transferred! 🚴🚴

🇬🇧Like the rivers Irtysh and Om meet in the Omsk city, so did stage six with stage seven. For us this is the end of an amazing, tiring and fruitful journey, for Zygmunt and Krzysztof this is just the beginning😁 Siberia is beautiful, hopefully it will be friendly fire the next stage of #BikeJamboree!
We would like to thank organizers for starting such an interesting project – without them we would probably not dare to come here 😄 We also want to thank those who made our journey safe and comfortable: @Kross, @Crosso, @Pajak, @Primus, @Regatta, @Medyk, @ZHP and @ZHR.
It’s time to say goodbye – Mantas Gmitrzuk, Ania Rupniewska, Łukasz Tomala and Andrzej Przybylski. Be prepared! Будь готов!
#stage6 #stage7

Unfortunately, mantas and Andrew had a flight to Poland first thing in the morning and they didn’t see the next step. Ania well replaces the leader 😉
Beautiful train station in Omsk, Russia. We’ll remember for long 😊

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