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The last straight is behind us! Last days, quite exhausting, ended in Whitehorse 
After Haines Junction, we had two nights in the wild. The first of them managed to plan after 75km. There was no one in the Rest Area so once again we let ourselves annex the toilets and garbage can Next night, not very planned, took place at the nice private possession, where very nice owner allowed us to camp in her garden. These nights can be classified as frosty. The worst moment of day at this temperature is the morning. We do not dare compare to the winter stages and their – 30 degrees  For us, the day started with chilly – 10 degrees and finding a fragment of the sun and drying everything we can – sleeping bags, sleeping bags protecting against moisture, tents and mats (in case of doubt – we explain: the sleeping bags were wet from high humidity ). Then breakfast lasts, and after that we begin the process of rolling up the camp. After this time, most often you are hungry again;) 🏕 🏕
After two days we arrived at the unofficial goal of our trip – Takhini Hotsprings!  Hot springs, or rather two hot pools, gave us a moment of relax  🏊  
Sunday – time for Whitehorse. We settled the meeeting with Father Sławek. After our arrival, at 4.55 pm, the priest picked us up in five minutes for dinner with his parishioners. Tired and dirty but incredibly happy we talked eagerly about the project 
To sum up: 17 days of driving, 1020 km, distance vertically: up to 5040 m, down 4500 m, 11 nights under the tent, two torn bags, six patched holes in inner tubes. Three elks, many squirrels and dozens of gophers. A million smiles, a lot of happiness, an incredible amount of wonderful views. Burned from the sun right sides of the face and bleached butts 
It was worth it! Mission completed successfully. The whole route is cycled by a complete team of stage 18 
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