Outdoors Learning: The Best Kindergarten You’ve Ever Seen | Takaharu Tezuka | TED Ed Lesson created by Dr. Jose G. Lepervanche

Screen Shot 2018-11-04 at 12.22.31 PM

Global Education Management. This kindergarten designed by architect Takaharu Tezuka lets kids learn in an open environment. Start #OutdoorsLearning early in children’s life. Use #OutdoorsClassrooms. Add #FieldTrips to educational programs. #BeOutsideOfTheBox #BeOutsideOfTheClassroom. #BeOutdoorsLearner. #GlobalLearning_Japan.

Let’s explore options to expand learning beyond textbooks and classes. #BeAGlobalOutdoorsLearner.

How to Explore for Outdoors Learning Opportunities in your Professional Learning Experiences?

How are you able to improve your professional learning by adding extra curriculum outdoors activities and best practices? Search your workplace, industry, and community. Identify places, companies, activities and resources you can use to expand your formal learning and complement your learning objectives. Share websites, social media, technologies, or videos and related them to your current courses or modules in a course. Add hashtags if needed.

TED Ed Lesson Link: https://ed.ted.com/on/9VDr1sqq


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