#BikeJamboree #Stage27A in Montana and North Dakota / #ScoutsPoland #2019WSJ World #ScoutJamboree

#BikeJamboree #Stage 27A.

 #stage27a transmits for the last time. #Stage27b has finished their journey so we will join with the final thoughts about our relay stage. In the end, it used to be one stage – 27. Why we decided to write now? Because we are already at home. Peace, silence, relaxation. You can focus in your mind and not just on the noise of the wind in your ears.

From the very beginning it was known that stage 27A will not have easy driving. In two weeks we had to drive over 1,200 km on the asphalt and gravel roads of Montana and North Dakota. These are not cyclist-friendly states. Above all because of the huge distances between the towns. This situation required us to pack more liquids and food on the road, which affected into the total weight of the bicycle. Also the weather turend out to be very tricky this year. During these two weeks, we traveled through four seasons. It started from the summer heat passing on cold nights, then it was autumn weather and then passed a snow storm with a sensible temperature up to -8. And let us remind you that we were traveling between 12-24th May. And to all thie add the wind, constantly blowing in the face. Annoying, tiring, demotivating. For six days, day after day it beat us in the face. Once on the left and once on the right, with an average speed of about 30km/h and gusts up to 50km/h. The wind is turning, leaning against the wall, fully loaded bikes. Wind stopping us on steep descents, forcing pedaling downhill, so that the bike does not stop. I will not lie. In such conditions, we had moments of weakness, moments of collapse, but together with our strength and support we arrived on time to Fargo.

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