#BikeJamboree #Stage27B. When Kayaks are More Useful than Bicycles / #ScoutsPoland #2019WSJ World #ScoutJamboree

#BikeJamboree #Stage27B

🇵🇱 #etap27b
Everything is big in America, from vehicles to ideas. You can see it best at the mining museum in Chisholm. Visiting him has made us so happy!
The Mesabi Trail is beautiful and the views are beautiful.
It is surprising that the quiet and calm of the towns of the city whose residents meet at the local bar to talk and watch baseball.

In the last few days, we’ve been getting into a wild jungle, and the road in the rain has given us a Sometimes it would be more useful to kayaking than bikes when forest paths turned into streams.
In the mud, you could see traces of wild animals, mainly bears and bears, which aroused the imagination. However, the Indian shout and our ditty have effectively stopped bears from coming to us.
In the place where we were eating, we had to hide the food far from the tents so we wouldn’t attract the game.

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