#BikeJamboree #Stage28 crossing from the USA back to Canada / #ScoutsPoland #2019WSJ World #ScoutJamboree

#BikeJamboree #Stage28

🇵🇱 #etap28
We were in Canada just now, and tomorrow we are meeting stage 29. The time of travel through the USA has passed fast, although we have enjoyed leaving Canada incredibly hosted by Mickey in Sault Ste. Marie. Finally the day of crossing the border. The briefing went smoothly – after paying an additional fee of $ 6 for entry to the us, the toll for crossing the border bridge (as the border guard said: “nothing in the us is free”) we switched Canadian Sault Ste. Marie on American Sault Ste. Marie. From There, the road has already led straight to another of the great lakes on our list – Huron Lake, over
We spent the night.

The next day we felt with all the power that we were in the usa – we hit the moto show in st. Ignace with streets full of American Automotive Classics. A moment later, we faced an insurmountable obstacle – the bike bike was mackinac bridge, one of the most beautiful bridges in the USA (8 KM), which was built over the the between j. Huron a j. Michigan. After paying the transport fee, we spent hours on the road our bikes as part of the “operation bikes” were transported to the other shore and it was the only part of our stage that we didn’t beat by our own forces. Yes, USA is definitely a country for motorists. But in Mackinaw City, these inconvenience caused us by our hosts – started with a random meeting and ended up having dinner at their restaurant and accommodation in their typical American Motel. Thanks Gail and George! 

The next two days are a trip by the picturesque coast of lake Michigan, but as different from the upper lake in Canada – these are elegant estates, holiday resorts, exclusive Marin and hotels every meter of the lake’s waterfront. So no more carefree sleepover on the beaches. But we met amazing live people interested in the bike jamboree project, who were ready to share a place under their roof. Thanks Emily, thanks James! 

Stunned lavishly like in Beverly Hills places like harbor springs, petoskey or charlevoix we suddenly found ourselves in traverse city realizing that this is the end of our journey. Almost 1200 km behind us. It’S 1200 km of amazing sensations, fights with ramps, mosquitoes, sometimes with rain and with chills through the picturesque bays of the three great lakes – upper, Huron and Michigan, through sunsets and accommodation on the beaches at outbreaks and under the stars, Canadian nature , on the other side of the border, the lavishly of the coastal cities – a true show in American style

And all this thanks to the sponsors of the bike jamboree project – bicycles kross on cst tires, sakwom crosso, namiotom marabut, bluzom and koszulkom bcm nowatex, kurtkom pajak, primusa and koszulkom bcm nowatex, kurtkom, support, thanks to which this trip was a pure pleasure!!! 

Now it’s time for you – stage 29. Look for us tomorrow!!! Stage 28 thank you for your attention, ends your relationship and adventure with bike jamboree!!! Although it’s a bit too bad .

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