#BikeJamboree #Stage29 celebrated USA Independence Day in Lake Michigan / #ScoutsPoland #2019WSJ World #ScoutJamboree

#BikeJamboree #Stage29

Note: While #Stage29 continues his journey, a new #ScoutsPoland team arrived to attend World #ScoutJambore. We will also follow #RetroStage29.

🇺🇸 #stage29

How do you celebrate the Independence Day? 
1. Take all flags you have and put them all over your garden, your house, your car, or wherever you want. 
2. Put your ‘I ❤ USA’ t-shirt on
3. Take part in a parade. It doesn’t matter where you live. A parade will be there for sure. 
4. Invite your friends for a BBQ
5. Go and see fireworks 
6. Be proud of being American. 
We didn’t experienced all these things above (as we still don’t have USA designed t-shirts), but even though the Independence Day made an impression on us. We spend it with Jason’s family in Norton Shore, MI. We already did 172 miles on bikes, struggling with the heat, wind, hills and flooded roads. But we also have seen a lot of charming small towns and the Lake Michigan cheers us with its beautiful view.

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