Exploring Greenbrier River Trail in West Virginia / Bike Jamboree / #ScoutsPoland

Another three days behind us. Days of constantly climbing up to the top to see the board that another miles only down. That’s how we pass the route, top down, top down. And that’s only half the crossing of Appalachia. There are also surprising flat episodes. E.g. We took a 60 km trail along the river, where we used to track the train tracks (Greenbrier River trial).

On the route of course a lot of helpful people m. In. Sandy with her husband and cherri from jhonem, making our accommodation special. Thank you! And it’s impossible to hide that West Virginia is indeed wild and beautiful. Raccoons, snakes, snakes, wild turkeys, birds, huge birds (Predators) and they say that black bears are at their fingertips, and these butterflies 🦋 are so huge!

And there are still trivia e.g. The Wood used to build the titanic comes from here and to cut such large trees have the world’s largest saw.
We recommend West Virginia for holidays!

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