Street Painting Youth Contest and Outdoors Chess Tournament / Dr. Jose G. Lepervanche Valencia / #PortSagunto

#OutdoorsLearning ==> Barrio Obrero in Port Sagunto organized an annual street painting youth contest in their plaza and main streets. They also do a small children painting contest and a street chess tournament. This is real outdoors community learning. We had the opportunity to observe the process of painting of the streets, how the rain delayed the contest for one day, and the final results.

#OutdoorsLearning ==> [ESP] Barrio Obrero en Port Sagunto organizó un concurso anual de pintura callejera para jóvenes en su plaza y calles principales. También hacen un concurso de pintura para niños pequeños y un torneo de ajedrez callejero. Este es un verdadero aprendizaje comunitario al aire libre. #OutdoorsClassrooms #DrLepervancheOutdoorsCampus #DrLepervancheMobileLearning

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