Bike Jamboree Reached Finish Line in the USA: New York City / Scouts Poland #Stage30

🇵🇱 #etap30
We did it! We did it! #Etap30 Reports performance of the task. We found a high and strong hand that helped us throw the baton as far as possible to Morocco. That means we’ve reached our finish line, New York! This is where the American adventure ends. Africa time.

Statue of liberty 🗽 is the best symbol of our project. Bike Jamboree shows that there are no limits, and every single person is like a family.
Summary of #etap30:
1700 HP (1060 miles)
24 days on the way
9 listed tubes
2 listed wheels
12 known hosts along with families
3 Bears and thousands 🦌🐿🐰🐍🦅 etc.
2 Ferry crossing and 1 boat
7 States
1 National Park 🏔
1 Ocean Bath 🌊
1 cheerful town 🎠
… and with a thousand wypitych liters of water 💧
Thank you all together and each one. We wish good luck abroad stage 31!
PS. Studies of the strength of currents, wind, wheelset of earth and moon attraction prove that the baton should reach and sail at the end of the week 

We had a plan, a perfect plan. Unfortunately on the 13th day of the month, he spoiled We exchanged tire for an hour, then message that we didn’t have accommodation and one wheel broke. And when the day was over, and at the hotel we were supposed to snuggle with a pillow, fire alarm, put us outside. Did I mention the rain? But we don’t give up.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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