Bike Jamboree Stages 31 and 32 in Marrakech, Morocco / Scouts Poland

Breaking News 32:

Lost luggage and unlucky Friday.

Welcome we – stage 32! We’ve been going since Saturday, but Morocco has consumed us so much that between the next few days we only had time to scrape sweat off our forehead. We catching up though 😉

With The Marrakech, we’re going to get together Adela arrived already on Sunday 7, to her on Wednesday joined Asia and marcin, on Thursday wojtek and monika together with stage 31. Tom joined on Friday, but…..
Unfortunately, his luggage didn’t join him. While Tom without bicycle pants would manage (if anyone asks – marrakech has two decathlony), in lost luggage we had our Japan things in the form of bags, tents, hectolitres of gels and tons of spheres.
We laughed the night before with fate unfortunate five, so fate stated that he gently gonna us in noses and will show who is in charge 😉

Wojtek and tomek took over the negotiations at the airport, and we took over the baton at jamal el fna square. If you have not yet been to Marrakech, you should know that the square is a meeting place, food any and starting point, or the end of a journey of thousands of winding, tight and colorful alleys souka, which consumes a large portion of Medina. Although we had many ideas for a spectacular transfer of chopsticks, JAMAL EL EL was the only right choice. It’s a city card!

So we met at el el el fna just before the hour when the sun ends its watch. We, the yellow dots in the middle of the stands with freshly cut juice, between women who are stuck on plastic chairs for another hands seeking henna and playing on flutes Bihari Cobras, or shills with monkeys on their shoulders.

This time the handover was double – it was not only about our wonderful map and bikes, but also Monica! Monica, stage 31. Contestant caught wind in spokes so hard she didn’t want to end up in Marrakech. For this reason, in our stage 32., she is a co-driver. Zbyszek didn’t exactly want to give it back, so he threw the monię on his back and just started running away from us! Fortunately, we were able to catch up with running sasa and finally persuaded to convey 🙂

As the sun went behind the sun, stage 31. Took our last walk in Marrakech. The City doesn’t seem to fall asleep at all, and even more, wake up to life after dark. Performing crazy slalom between subsequent shills (who have a built-in scanner of recognition of tourists citizenship, overs them phrases type good morning! We found a group of young moroccans who became the anthem of the African stages. Initiated they ongoing an ongoing footage of the moment spontaneous music jam that led waka waka…. Africa Nowak! We sing them now everyday, adding each other strength before more ramps and more 🙂

But about driveways will still be!

Stay tuned

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