The Water Was Unusually Clear Today / Down the River / Sea Scouts BSA National Commodore T.W. Cook

Beautiful photos by #SeaScoutsUSA #NationalCommodore #TWCook. Calm waters to reflect about life. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and all Holidays you celebrate these days.

” The water was unusually clear today, perhaps because it was dead calm with no wind and a glass smooth surface. There are 3 great horned owls that call to each other along the North side of the river. One has a really deep voice, which I assume means it is a really big one. Also saw several Kingfishers.” – TW Cook
“Nice day down on the river. One advantage of going closer to mid day is that you can see down into the water better. Lots of busy turtles down there today. Took it pretty easy and paddled 2.36 miles in an hour.” – TW Cook.
Sea Scouts BSA National Commodore TW Cook is an active kayaker and outdoors enthusiast.
TW Cook and stand up paddle boarding (SUP). Sea Scouts BSA can start SUP Sea Scouts Ships.

Meet National Commodore TW Cook

New National Commodore TW Cook discusses the state of Sea Scouts and his plans for the term with National Boatswain’s Mate Ryan Trefny. 


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