I Have Video Conferences Fatigue / #MoreOutdoorsLessScreens

Less presentations and more conversations have always been one of our best practices during Live virtual meetings. Short lectures and short sequence of slides to allow participants to engage and actively participate sharing their own knowledge and practices.

This is why we encourage more #VirtualConversations and less looong lectures. Another practice is to encourage #HybridLearning and #OutdoorsLearning. If possible, encourage students to do field trips to local companies, organizations, landmarks, etc. to #BeOutsideTheClassroom and minimize #SynchronicLearning by adding more #AsynchronicLearning to our courses.

Read this article by #MITSloanManagementReview and get ideas to improve your #VirtualMeetings and #VirtualCourses. #MoreConversationsLessPresentations #MoreOutdoorsLessScreens #DrLepervancheCampus #OutdoorsUniversity.

How to Combat Virtual Meeting Fatigue

What exactly makes virtual meetings so draining, and what can leaders do to improve them?

Katie Kavanagh, Nicole Voss, Liana Kreamer, and Steven G. Rogelberg March 30, 2021

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