What we are learning from active volcanoes? #EmergencyManagement

Summer 2021 is over and we are back to share what we are learning outdoors. Just today a volcano erupted in La Palma, Canary Islands. We are following the news, videos, and photos to see what we are learning from volcanoes.

Let’s see how Geographic Information Systems, geospatial mapping, and geological data are helping local citizens, companies, and governments in being prepared for possible volcano eruptions. How to be prepared for emergencies analyzing data and mapping.

Approximate location of eruption of volcano. Sep 19, 2021. Google Maps
Location of La Palma Island and all Canary Islands.

In Summer 2019, we crossed Atlantic Ocean in a Transatlantic Cruise that stopped in La Palma. We took a tout to explore one of the volcanoes.

Hike to San Antonio volcano

San Antonio Volcano in La Palma, Canary Islands. We hiked to border of circular crater to see the inside of volcano, the ocean, banana farms, and how lava destroyed South side all the way to the sea. 

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