Bharat Scouts & Guides India. Community Services on the banks of Coastal Sides of Tamilnadu / Sharmin Banu MS

Rovers & Rangers of The Bharat Scouts & Guides India get involving in Environment & sustainability Community Services on the banks of Coastal Sides of Tamilnadu. Creating awareness on the importance of sea & aquatic species. Advocacy Training on Plastic Tide Turners at National Level Environment Awareness & Coastal Trekking Programme from 16/10/2022 to 20/10/2022 at State Training Center Southern Railway BSG Mandapam, Tamilnadu India.

Advocacy Members of Bharat Scouts & Guides Team Conducted information Session on United Nations Plastic Tide Turner Challenge under the guidance of LOC Kumud Mehra _ADSR BSG. Totally 145 Rovers & Rangers from 10 States get involved in the Plastics Tide Turners Advocacy information session where they shared their ideas on advocacy action plans related to their areas of action & promised to implement in their community.

Change Makers Pledge at Mandapam Coastal Bank initiated to co create plastic free India by the end of 2025. Participants also undergone Coastal Clean up drives , Got an idea of segregating different types of plastic wastes, importance of waste management. Participants continuously undergone cleanliness Drive in the surroundings of Camp site where 100+ kgs of Single use plastic collected & handover it to Mandapam district waste management center in which 30-35% of waste will be recycled. Advocacy Champion BSG Quiz competition which increases Participants knowledge on the effects of plastic pollution on the environment,where winners got the goodies from Southern Region BSG. Plastic Free Generation _ Poster Making & Skits at the Camp Fire competition leads to explore innovative ideas & solutions for plastic pollution.


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