The Ballerina at Budva | David Hopcroft

I first started recording many images from travels when digital cameras allowed mass storage. At that time I would also produce notes from each trip. More recently I have been adding to my records with sketches and simple painting. Montenegro is a treasure trove for any artist. Budva has an interesting sculpture, much photographed, often … Continue reading The Ballerina at Budva | David Hopcroft

Exploring Montenegro | David Hopcroft

#DavidHopcroft #ExploringMontenegro ==> "Not quite as adventurous today. A trip down to Ulcinj near the Albanian border. Pleasant seaside town and parts of the coast here are less developed and show a lovely coastline with pines sloping down to rocky outcrops and small sandy bays. Slight hiccup when lights on car failed, they are needed … Continue reading Exploring Montenegro | David Hopcroft