#BikeJamboree crossed from #Russia to #Alaska #USA | @bike_jamboree #ScoutsPoland

Here is an update of @Bike_Jamboree global journey to 2019 World Scout Jamboree. Follow them via Instagram. #BikeJamboree. Alaska update is next. - Outdoors University

#BikeJamboree in Siberia, Russia | @bike_jamboree #ScoutsPoland #Stage7

🇵🇱 and it's over #etap7. In 25 days we drove on our bikes 1440 km in raw Siberia, without one day of rest, in perfect health and mood. From Omsk, along the border with Kazakhstan on the roads of different quality, rather little with beautiful views of the forests and steppes by Bagan, karasuk, czernovkÄ™, … Continue reading #BikeJamboree in Siberia, Russia | @bike_jamboree #ScoutsPoland #Stage7

Irkutsk, The Capital of Siberia, Russia | Belen Arrogante

Belen Arrogante is based in Valencia, Spain. She travels to places that are not your classic tourism trip. Here is a small sample of her recent trip to Irkutsk, the capital of Siberia, Russia. Russian Orthodox Church Irkutsk Siberia Russia Follow her unique trips via @belenarrogante in Instagram.

Meet our Collaborators | Belen Arrogante | Spain

Belen Arrogante is TEDxUPValència Organizer and Alumni Coordinator UPV, at Universitat Politècnica de València UPV.  This past summer she visited Siberia, Russia and Mongolia. We will share what she found there.