Solar and Wind Energy Exhibit | Center of Environmental Studies | Valencia, Spain | Dr. Jose G. Lepervanche | #Environment #Energy

Happy New Year and welcome to Spring 2018. During this semester our students, curators, and collaborators will share outdoors activities with emphasis on specific learning topics. The topics are related to higher education courses also being taught this term.

Our first topic is the Environment. The focus is sustainability, climate, food, lands, reducing human impact, etc. Other topics will be open based on current interest and news.

We start our Spring 2018 with an outdoors Visit to the Center of Environmental Studies of Comunitat Valenciana in Spain.

Solar and wind exhibits outside main building of Center of Environmental Studies of Valencian Community. The center has a sample of energy sources used in Spain.

More photos of their farm and garden coming soon. Visit their website


Outdoors University. Learning moments and activities outside the classroom | First post Jun 30, 2014.

Reblogging the first post that initiated this idea and project. The University is Outdoors.

Outdoors Classrooms in Puerto Sagunto, Valencia, Spain. Anchor and recycling bins.

Learning moments and activities outside the classroom. Resources for outdoors learners. The university is outdoors. This is our latest project based on many teachable moments found during our trips and outdoors activities. We want to share what the communities are doing to teach their citizens about the environment, energy, information systems, and technologies. Jun 30, 2014.

Camino de Santiago. A Powerful Hiking Experience. | Pablo Cigoy

Pablo Cigoy is a Scouter from Scouts Argentina who traveled from Mexico, Central America, and Latin America as one of #ViajerosScouts. He visited numerous Scout Groups.

This year he traveled to several countries in Europe and decided to hike the #CaminoDeSantiago.

He sent several photos and later decided that he did not wanted to be distracted in ‘el camino’. “It is too powerful”. We agree , it is an unique powerful hiking experience. We will wait for his chronicles  and life lessons. Buen camino!

This is a small sample of his photos.