Valley of the Temples | Honolulu, Hawaii | Dr. Jeanne Bayaca

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Picturesque and calming view! 😍#temple #byodointemple #hawaii#kaneohe #honolulu #oahu #travels#wanderlust #japanese #huaweip10ph#huaweip10plus#huaweip10photography
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Temple at the base of a mountain #valleyofthetemples #temple#honolulu #hawaii #oahu #kaneohe#japanese #travels #wanderlust#huaweip10ph #huaweip10plus#huaweip10photography
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Valley of the Temple #honolulu #hawaii #kaneohe #water#meditation #travel #wanderlust#huawei10photography #huawei10ph#huaweip10 #outdoors #japanese

#BikeJamboree in Siberia, Russia | @bike_jamboree #ScoutsPoland #Stage7

🇵🇱 and it’s over #etap7. In 25 days we drove on our bikes 1440 km in raw Siberia, without one day of rest, in perfect health and mood. From Omsk, along the border with Kazakhstan on the roads of different quality, rather little with beautiful views of the forests and steppes by Bagan, karasuk, czernovkę, proletarskij, krasny, krasny jar, novosybirsk then along River River River River The car which connects both its edges around 20 km long, then berdsk, burmistrowo, czingis, shipunovo, telemenka, barnaul.

The Frost accompanied us every day, and the sun also didn’t left us almost at all. And Deciding to spread the tent overnight, at the expected temperature falling below minus 25 c is very serious. Believe us, it’s not easy, despite the excellent equipment, the responsibility for our lives when it’s the first time it’s very difficult. For this awakening in the middle of the taiga, in the snow and many wild animal trails, it’s a great experience, which i wish everyone. Thanks to Christopher Kusiaka the unofficial director of navigation and all the rest of our trips for the excellent conduct of us all over the stage and for the excellent cooperation and the joyful moments despite the occasional fingers of the fingers and legs, the feeling of a odpadającego nose that was not easy to find a way to Normal temperature. This is my most beautiful cycle adventure, each one is great, today is the first place, because apart from all the anturażu; the exotics, the climate, the excitement, the people that we have been talking to, mutual sympathy, generosity and hospitality are the greatest treasure of this expedition. Thank you very much all the cheering of our adventure. Zygmunt Piętak and Chris Kusiak.

#bj, #etap7

🇬🇧 It is the end of #stage7. In 25 days, we cycled 1440 km in inclement Siberia, without one day of rest, in a great mood and good health. From Omsk, along the border with Kazakhstan on roads of different quality, rather less frequented with beautiful views among forests and steppes through Bagan, Karasuk, Czernovka, Proletarskij, Krasny Jar, Novosibirsk then along the huge river Ob, where most often in January is formed the official ice road car connecting both its shores, about 20 km long, then Bierdsk, Burmistrowo, Czingis, Shipunovo, Telemenka, Barnaul.

The frost accompanied us every day, the sun did not leave us almost at all. And making a decision to spread the tent overnight, with the expected temperature falling below minus 25 C is a very serious matter.

Please believe us, it is not easy, despite the excellent equipment, the responsibility for our lives, when it is done for the first time is very difficult.

For this wake up in the middle of the taiga, among the snow and many trails of wild animals is a sensational experience, which I wish everyone.

Thanks to Krzysia Kusiak, the unofficial navigational director of this and all our other excursions, for perfecting us throughout the entire stage and for excellent cooperation and joyful moments despite stiffened fingers and toes, feeling of a falling nose, for which it was not easy to find a way to return to normal temperature. This is my most beautiful bicycle adventure so far, each one is great, today it is in the first place, because besides the entire entoruage; exotica, climate, impressions, people we met, talked to, mutual sympathy, generosity and hospitality are the greatest treasure of this trip. Thank you very much to all those who support our adventure.

#bj, #stage7

Tanawha Trail in the Snow | Mark Thompson | Mountain to Sea Trail

First snow storm in Southeast US brought new outdoors learning opportunities. Flight delays, cancellations, emergency preparedness, weather preparedness, and snow sports and activities.

Mafra’s Palace, Portugal | @vamospedaleando

  • @vamospedaleando🇪🇸 Algo que sorprende de Portugal es la cantidad de monumentos o palacios gigantescos que te encuentras en la mitad de la nada. El palacio de Mafra es un ejemplo de eso. Por aquí pasé porque me quedaba en el camino a donde iba y pensé que era uno de esos pueblos que ves que son pequeños y sin mucho encanto, hasta que llegué al centro y me encontré con semejante palacio que llama la atención ante toda la naturaleza que le rodea. Espectacular y asombroso 🏫.

    🇬🇧Something impressive about Portugal is the amount of monuments and palaces that you can find in the middle of nowhere. Mafra’s palace is an example of that. I was just passing by through a small town that I thought it had nothing to show. Suddenly I found myself in front of this majestic place that conquers the views of all of its natural surrounding. Beautiful and spectacular 🏫. …

    #vamospedaleando #portugal#cicloturismo #bikepacking #viajero#viajando #viaje #travel #traveler#traveling #mafra #palaciodemafra#palace #palacio #bicycle #bicicleta

How Outdoors University Posts Were Used During Fall 2017 Courses | Dr. Jose G. Lepervanche

Outdoors University blog was relaunched during Fall 2017 term. We had new collaborators, topics, and courses to test our GLOBE model. Most of the engagement happened in Blackboard, classes, and a global conference. We are closing this first term with a sample of announcements, discussions, and assignments that used our posts. During the Holidays break we will continue adding posts already curated by our Fall 2017 students. Next Spring Term 2018 we will continue adding new global outdoors learning adventures. “The University is Outdoors”. – Outdoors University

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How this post was used in the International Business Management class. Global social responsibility, Sustainable Development Goals, EcoTurismo, Security, and City Management.
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How city leaders are using the Sustainable Development Goals to improve their communities? This is an example. Discussion in Strategic Management & Decision Making class.
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National Patrol Leaders and Assistant Patrol Leaders Camp. Saturday in # Picarquín. In the morning some carried out activities by subfields and others attended “Leadership”, “Teamwork”, “CPR” activities. #ScoutsChile #PatioScout
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#CitizensReporters have been using #MobileDevices and #SocialMedia to share instant news, videos, texts, and pictures during times of crisis. We have seen political demonstrations, elections, events, disasters, and many more cases. We have in our hands a powerful computer, communicator, and camera to share and connect with family and friends. We also use these technologies to access #InstantKnowledge about the events, stories, and background information. We are more connected to our mobile devices but also using them to be more connected to people.
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Scouts around Sweden have documented their favorite trails with 360°-cameras | #ScoutView #ScoutsSweden | #SDG9