Outdoors Learning and Emerging Technologies | Foro Regional Interclanes | @ScoutsGuatemala | #OutdoorsClassrooms

#Scouting of the future. #OutdoorsLearning and emerging technologies together to educate the #NextGeneration of #Scouts, #youthleaders, #digitalleadersoftomorrow ==> #Repost @scoutsguatemala


#RecordandoEl2017 Hoy recordamos el 1er. Foro Regional Interclanes de la región 2, que se llevó a cabo en el Hipódromo del Norte, zona 2 de Guatemala, el pasado 2 de abril. #ScoutGuatemala #ScoutsGuatemala


Be Prepared For Emergencies | Scouts Volunteers Helping their Communities | #GlobalScouts | International Volunteers Day

#ScoutVolunteers train #Scouts to #BePreparedForEmergencies #OutdoorsLearning for real emergencies. ==> #Repost @worldscouting


When natural disaster struck be it in Mexico, Sri Lanka, Haiti, Ecuador, or the Philippines and humanitarian response was needed, #Scouts were among the #VolunteersActFirst to help the community.

Scouts from BSA Troop 182 in Jacksonville, Florida collected donations for Hurricane Maria’s victims in Puerto Rico. Scouts in Puerto Rico also helped in disaster relief after hurricane destroyed the island.

#ScoutVolunteers teach #Scouts to #BePreparedForEmergencies.

Problem-based learning (PBL) is integrated at Two Rivers Public Charter School in Washington, DC

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Problem-based learning (PBL) is integrated at Two Rivers Public Charter School in Washington, DC, at every grade level—pre-K through eighth grade. Students are presented with a real-world problem, undertake a series of investigations, and create a product that they present to an authentic audience as part of the Expeditionary Learning (EL) Education framework.

PBL enables the school to reach all learners. “There are multiple entry points,” explains Julia Tomasko, a fourth-grade teacher. “It’s easy to scaffold [PBL] for students who need more support, and the sky’s the limit for extensions.”

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Rappelling from Top of a Hotel to support Scouting | Over the Edge for North Florida Scouts

23472752_1511967648856857_2617730007407187233_n#SunBehind @actionnewsjax reporter and helicopter. Only in #NorthFloridaScouting#onlyinduval #igerjax #overtheedge#overtheedge2017 #undertheedge#undertheedge2017[/caption]

#Reflections#SundBehind & @actionnewsjax helicopter. Garrett Bendenbaugh is going Over the Edge for #NorthFloridaCouncil at the Omni Hotel in Jacksonville
Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office. It is great to see the Sheriff of your city going Over the Edge for North Florida Boy Scouts. ==> Sheriff Mike Williams just went “Over The Edge” 12 stories at the Omni Hotel to help raise money for Boy Scouts of America North Florida Council! Go Sheriff!

Action News Jax WATCH LIVE: Garrett Bendenbaugh is going Over the Edge for charity at the Omni Hotel in Jacksonville.

Sparking Curiosity and Solving Real-World Problems | Edutopia

Because of science literacy, our students are active learners who ask questions. They have a sense of curiosity. They’re able to take that curiosity and go do something with it.

Teachers wanted to collaborate to blend expertise in content, so we developed the science literacy to give teachers time to collaborate with each other and with kids, to identify a problem and go out and figure out how to solve it.

via Sparking Curiosity and Solving Real-World Problems | Edutopia

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Kayaks, Canoes, and…Rafts | Dr. David S. Chen | Venturing Crew 836

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In Coral Springs, Florida.

Venturers are part of Boy Scouts of America #ScoutsUSA. They do high adventures that include kayaks, canoes, and…. building their own rafts to compete with others.

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With Venturing Crew 836 on the Peace River located near Arcadia, Florida.
Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 12.24.18 PM
Crew 836 paddling their raft “Boaty McBoatface” back to the finish of the 26th Annual River Raft Regatta April 23rd, 2017 at Camp Tanah Keeta. They are completing the two miles of the long course. — at Tanah Keeta Scout Reservation.
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Dr. David E. Chen is Podiatrist, Happily married, Violinist, Photographer, Kiwanian, and Scouter. Once a Scouter, always a Scouter

Wilderness Survival Outdoors Course in Monagas, Venezuela | Prof. Juan F. Peraza Marsiglia #OutdoorsClassrooms [ESP]

[ESP] Instalación de campamento. Se pone en práctica los conocimientos adquiridos en clase teórica sobre ubicación de los espacios para cocina, lavado de utensilios y toma de agua, aseo personal, zona para necesidades fisiológicas y dormitorio (carpas).
Wilderness Survival Outdoors Course in Monagas, Venezuela is an outdoors course that Prof. Juan Francisco Peraza Marsiglia started 20 years ago. He is a Geologist and Professor of Geology, Universidad de Oriente at Maturin, Monagas, Venezuela.

Campsite was in San Juan de Areo in Monagas, Venezuela and first activity was to set up camp.

Campsite installation. Students put into practice the knowledge acquired in theoretical class about location of spaces for kitchen, washing utensils and water intake, personal hygiene, area for physiological needs and tents

[ESP] Asignatura extra académica “Supervivencia” código: 002-1111 
Propuesta realizada por Juan Francisco Peraza Marsiglia, hace 20 años,
ante la Delegación de Desarrollo Estudiantil de la 
Universidad de Oriente, Núcleo de Monagas. Maturín, Venezuela.
[ESP] El sitio del campamento es San Juan de Areo, al NE de Punta de Mata, y SW de Caicara de Maturín. en las inmediaciones de Viento Fresco, municipio Cedeño, Estado Monagas, Venezuela. Latitud:9.7695 Longitud: -63.6783
[ESP] Entrenamiento teórico-práctico en elaboración y aplicación de nudos.
Theoretical-practical training in the development and application of knots.
Professor Juan Francisco Peraza Marsiglia is Professor of Wilderness Survival and Geology. He also is a Aeronautical Firefighter, and Emergency Medical Assistant. His Geology courses include many hours of outdoors classrooms.

This Wilderness Survival Outdoors Training continues. More coming soon to Outdoors University. The University is Outdoors. #WildernessSurvival